How to play Mau Binh and always win is something that any gamer wants to own. Because it can help players have fun with card games and increase their chances of winning bets. The following article  New88today We have compiled tips from Mau Binh masters to play card games and always win. We invite you to follow along!

    The best ways to play Mau Binh always win

    The fastest way to have good experience playing Mau Binh is to remember the following tricks!

    Technique of stacking Gray Xap Xap

    The technique of arranging Gray Xap Binh is an indispensable skill to accumulate experience in playing Mau Binh well and well. The first thing is that you need to firmly grasp your way of thinking about arranging cards. The way the cards are arranged and the overall look of the cards will determine 50% of your winning rate. For experts, just by looking at it, you can quickly know how to arrange the cards in the most convenient way. To do that, Mau Binh players have to go through hundreds of different card games to gain the best experience.

    According to the experts who have shared their experience of always winning when playing Mau Binh, you should arrange the cards from high cards to low cards in sequential order: Cu then flush, gray, straight and finally pair.

    Applying this technique, you can relieve or eliminate to find the most favorable way for your hand.

    Apply 3-box style

    For this technique, you should stack the box in the hand and put the strongest pair in the 3rd hand of your hand.

    If you put the strongest pair in the middle hand, it will be called 3 players. However, this is usually applied to cards with large flushes and pairs. That will ensure your hand doesn’t collapse on all three limbs.

    This trick will help you reduce damage to a minimum. This is a very good and extremely effective strategy when you encounter bad cards.

    Use the 3-blade hall

    The technique of playing Mau Binh well in the 3-knife style can be understood as:

    You only have 1 straight and the next 3 pairs. Depending on the cards and playing style of each person, the strongest pair can be chosen to be in the middle or at the end of the hand. According to the experience of many veteran players, if you put a larger pair on the last leg, the chance of winning on the last leg will be much higher.

    This is considered a good type of card formation for cases where the Mau Binh card is not beautiful and has the potential to collapse all 3 limbs. Applying the above tips will help you minimize major risks.

    Tips for playing Mau Binh to always win

    Besides the tips on how to play Mau Binh to always win, you should also refer to the tips for playing Mau Binh. Because they are also very important and need to be understood carefully.

    Ability to think and organize lessons

    It seems that arranging the cards is very simple, however this requires you to have the ability to think and use many techniques, and be sensitive in response to play Mau Binh well.
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    You need to identify and grasp who the master is and observe how they play. From there, you can draw many strategies and think correctly to be able to set up for yourself the most suitable way to arrange your cards. You can refer to how to arrange cards according to the strength of the cards you own.

    Arrange cards diversely

    Depending on each situation, you can choose the appropriate way of thinking and arranging cards.

    • Ranked according to 3-player technique
    • How to arrange in 3-blade style
    • Sort by technique of 3 shots
    • Ranked according to 3-player technique
    • According to the technique of beast phe yang

    Regarding the art of fighting soldiers, according to the experience of previous players, for every 10 players, up to 7-8 people will rank the first limb as weak and the last two limbs as strong. Based on this, you can adjust to arrange your article appropriately.

    You should carefully observe your opponents to come up with the most suitable strategy. You should also apply the strategy to play Mau Binh flexibly to avoid opponents understanding your card arrangement.

    How to play cards in 3-card style

    To play this trick, the player needs to arrange 1 pair of each limb so that the front limb is stronger than the back limb and also to avoid being damaged. In case you encounter a bad hand, applying the tip “3-way strategy” can help you reduce some of the damage as well as completely lose 3 pairs.


    Above is a detailed summary of how to play Mau Binh to always win, which we want to send to readers. Hopefully with these tips from  New88’s experts, you can play the Mau Binh game with 10 victories.


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