When we think of heroes, we often think of brave and noble characters with superhuman abilities, but sometimes, the most unexpected people can be the ones to save us. This is the story of one such person who unexpectedly saved me on an isekai trip.

    The Unexpected Hero

    He was a mysterious figure, shrouded in darkness and not much was known about him. His face was hidden behind a mask and he wore a long coat that reached the ground. He rarely spoke and when he did, his voice was deep and commanding. His presence was intimidating and it was clear that he was a powerful fighter. Little did I know, he was a killer.

    A Life-Saving Encounter

    I had been traveling through a strange land, searching for a way to return home, when I encountered a group of bandits. I had been cornered and was about to be robbed when suddenly, the mysterious figure appeared. He moved with incredible speed and agility and before I knew it, he had dispatched all of the bandits. I was in shock and awe of his strength and skill.

    He looked at me and said, “You’re safe now.” He then vanished as quickly as he had appeared. I was left wondering who he was and why he had come to my aid. Later, I found out that he was a notorious killer who had been hired to take out the bandits. I was amazed that someone so feared and dangerous had saved me from such a dire situation.

    The mysterious figure remains a mystery to this day, but I’ll never forget the day I was saved by a killer on my isekai trip. It’s a reminder that heroes come in all shapes and sizes and that even the most unlikely of people can save us when we need it most.


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