To excel at poker, you must not rely on luck alone. You need to possess experience, discipline, and masterful playing skills. So, if your goal is to play like a WSOP pro and create an impact at the table, it’s time to start honing your poker strategy. Whether it’s making smart bets, playing aggressively, or exploiting your table image, we have everything you need to know about playing like a World Series of Poker pro. Let’s get started!

    1. Learn to Fold Weak Starting Hands

    Weak starting hands can cost you a lot of chips, so it’s important to learn to fold them. To determine if a starting hand is weak, keep an eye out for low-value cards that are unsuited, disconnected, or not paired. For example, a hand like 7-2 offsuit is one you should fold immediately. On the other hand, you should generally play high-value cards that are suited, connected, or paired. Hands like AA, KK, or AK suited are all strong hands that have a higher chance of winning.

    It is important to note that every hand is different, and there may be situations where the general rules do not apply. In a late position, for instance, a low-value pair that would normally be folded could be worth playing if no bets have been made. Watching your opponents’ tendencies and taking notes can help you make more precise decisions.

    2. Know Your Poker Hand Rankings

    Knowing the poker hand rankings by heart is the very foundation of any successful poker player. Firstly, it eliminates the need to take time during the game to ponder and remember which hand beats which, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions and helping you avoid awkward mistakes like thinking a lower hand beats a higher one in a showdown.

    Secondly, understanding the rankings will help you determine the value of your hand and make strategic choices based on the cards you hold and those on the table. Finally, it will allow you to bluff effectively because you will have a better grasp of how likely your opponent is to hold a stronger hand. So if you’re new to poker, taking the time to learn the poker hands in order is definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

    3. Play Aggressively and Take Control of the Pot

    Aggressive players often have better chances of taking control of the pot and increasing their winnings. Being confident and assertive can help you control the game and cause your opponents to make mistakes. This kind of play can also help you conceal the true strength of your hand while depriving your opponents of the chance to see the flop.

    Playing aggressively can help you maintain control of the game and force your opponents to react to your moves instead of you reacting to theirs. This strategy can disrupt their game plan and increase your chances of winning. Aggressive playing in poker can be a successful strategy for players looking to gain control of the table and increase their potential winnings.

    4. Exploit Table Image to Maximize Profits

    Simply put, your table image is your opponents’ perception of you based on how you play and how you present yourself at the poker table. Your behavior and reactions in different situations can reveal to your opponents the type of player you are and the hands you usually play. Knowing your table image is crucial as it helps you leverage it for your benefit.

    If your opponents see you as a tight player, for example, you can bluff more effectively and steal pots that you might not otherwise win. On the other hand, if you are seen as a loose player, you can tighten up your range and surprise your opponents with a strong hand.

    5. Master the Art of Slow-Playing

    Slow-playing involves playing your strong hand more passively, allowing your opponent to bet and potentially put more money into the pot. Slow-playing can be beneficial in the long run as it increases the chances of winning more money, particularly when you have a strong hand that you are sure will beat your opponent’s hand. However, there are also cons to slow-playing.

    For instance, it can lead to missed opportunities to win more money if you do not act aggressively at the right time. Additionally, slow-playing can be risky if the opponent has a strong hand of their own and the player allows them to improve it by giving them free cards.

    6. Practice by Playing WSOP Online

    If you’re asking why you should play WSOP Online, the answer is simple: it’s the perfect platform to hone your poker skills. A benefit of online gaming is the opportunity to compete with skilled players worldwide. Engaging in online tournaments allows you to observe expert players utilizing various strategies and techniques, which you can adopt to improve your gameplay.

    Furthermore, playing WSOP Online provides the advantage of being able to play without visiting a physical casino or having to wait for a vacant table. Thus, you will have more free time to brush up on your poker skills and devise strategies against different players.


    Learning to fold weak hands, understanding the hierarchy of poker hands, playing aggressively, exploiting your table image, and slow-playing when appropriate are all essential skills for becoming an expert player. While it may take some time to master these techniques, they can be invaluable tools for helping you win more chips at the tables and dominate your opponents.

    Additionally, practicing by playing WSOP Online can be a great way to improve your skills and prepare you for future tournaments. With the right knowledge and enough practice, you’ll be more than ready to start playing at GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room!


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