Shopping for Harley Davidson helmets for sale can be quite challenging with all the options available out there. From the HD-B09 open-faced helmet to the Boom! Audio full-faced helmet, you have a lot to choose from. Add to the equation that you want to find a piece that suits your budget, and the search can get even trickier.

    In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of finding the right Harley Davidson helmet for your needs and help you score the best deals along the way. So, start your engines, and let’s get shopping!

    Factors to Consider When Shopping for Harley Davidson Helmets for Sale

    Finding the perfect piece among Harley Davidson helmets for sale on the market today requires careful consideration of several factors. Here’s a checklist that you can use.

    • Size
    • Design
    • Features
    • Safety
    • Price


    The fit is the first consideration to make when you buy Harley Davidson helmets. You wouldn’t want a piece that feels too tight or too loose, as it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous while riding.

    Harley Davidson offers helmets in various sizes, from XS to XXL, ensuring that every rider finds the perfect fit for their head. Before you make a purchase, measure your head size accurately to determine which size will suit you best. Here are the steps to take:

    • Using a measuring tape, wrap it around the circumference of your head, just above your eyebrows.
    • Note down the measurement in inches or centimetres.
    • Refer to the store’s sizing chart to determine which size matches your measurement.

    Remember, a helmet should fit snugly on your head without causing any pressure points. It should also not move or slide while you’re wearing it. If you’re unsure about your size, it’s best to contact the seller about their sizing chart.


    The design of a helmet is more than just aesthetics. It can also affect the level of comfort and practicality while riding. When browsing through different styles, keep in mind the type of riding you do and choose a design that suits your needs.

    If you often do short trips and casual rides, an open-faced or half helmet may be the way to go. They offer more breathability and allow for better visibility. On the other hand, if you always go on long-distance trips or highway riding, a full-faced helmet with a visor would provide more protection from wind and debris.

    Harley Davidson offers a diverse range of designs, from classic and vintage to modern and sporty, so you’ll surely find something that matches your personal style.


    Modern Harley Davidson helmets for sale already come with advanced features that enhance the riding experience. Some popular features to look out for include Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers, and ventilation systems. These features can make a significant difference in comfort and convenience while on the road. However, they may come with a higher price tag, so consider your priorities before opting for these extra features.


    Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to motorcycle gear. When checking your options, make sure to check if they passed the Australian helmet standards or other international safety standards.

    Another factor to consider is the helmet’s shell material. While most Harley Davidson helmets are made from high-quality materials, like polycarbonate or fibreglass, some may offer better impact resistance and durability than others. Do your research on the materials used to ensure that your helmet can provide adequate protection in case of an accident.


    Of course you would love to find affordable Harley Davidson motorcycle helmets, but keep in mind that quality and safety should not be compromised. Set a budget before shopping and stick to it, but also be open to spending a bit more if it means getting a higher-quality helmet. Remember, your helmet is an investment in your safety while on the road.

    Where to Find the Best Harley Davidson Helmet Deals

    The best place to find the best Harley Davidson helmet deals is a shop that specialises in Harley Davidson products. Typically, they stock up on a wide variety of helmets, including limited edition and custom designs, so you should be able to find a piece within your price range.

    You can also look for Harley Davidson helmet clearance sales or discounts from online retailers. Just make sure to confirm the authenticity and quality of the product before making a purchase.

    Lastly, consider joining Harley Davidson rider groups or forums, as members often share information about the best deals and promotions they come across.

    Wrapping Up

    When shopping for Harley Davidson helmets for sale, take the time to research different pieces and consider your priorities before making a purchase. Remember that comfort, design, features, safety, and price are essential factors to consider. With these tips in mind, you’re now ready to hit the road with a stylish and safe helmet from Harley Davidson!

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