World cup cricket 2023 is considered to be a fairly popular game that belongs to the team type.  It originated incredibly long ago. In England and the British colonies it is incredibly popular. There are games are quite short, which last about 3.5 hours, and during this time the overs are carried out – no more than twenty. There are more serious ones that stretch over five days, and in fact last at least thirty hours. Marylebone Cricket Club defines the basic rules and standards of cricket.

    How to play cricket properly

    The oval shaped grass pitch is where the game events of cricket unfold. Pitch is a rectangle 3 by 20 meters, which is located in the center of this field. At the ends of the site are necessarily located special crises – these are peculiar areas that have wickets made of wood. For a full game of cricket two teams are required. Each team has eleven players. According to the rules of the game there is a possibility to have one substitute in the team.

    The wicket door has a width of 22.86 cm. This element is formed based on the use of posts, which are made of wood. Each post must be at least 71 cm high. On the formed posts are installed bails – special lintels, which should not have fixation. If there is a strong wind raging outside, it is slightly fixed so that the wind does not spoil the formed construction.

    What is a wicket?

    Defenders in cricket are bound to carry out a kind of process of defending the wicket.

    The defending team can only score a less significant number of points if the innings are completed as early as possible. At least ten innings must be completed before the process of changing sides can take place. After that, the process of moving teams takes place. The striker has the right to make a substitution request. If the batters were able to last the innings, a no out is declared.

    With respect to a wicket gate, it will be considered broken solely if the crossbar falls. The following rules apply to the action:

    • If a set crossbar is knocked down with the ball (and from both a direct hit and a ricochet hit) an event is formed – Bowled;
    • If the batsman hooks the wicket on his own;
    • If the batsmen independently and deliberately leave the confines of a particular area in order to crash the crossbar with a hand with a clipped ball – Run out;
    • Stumping is an action involving the batsman leaving the area, in which case the wicket-keeper gets the opportunity to implement wicket destruction.

    If the ball is caught

    According to the basic rules of cricket, once the ball has made contact with the bat it cannot touch the ground. An important rule is that the player must be within the boundaries of the field. Such actions are called Caught.

    Often knockouts are the consequences of certain violations of established standards of play. This can occur with incorrect type of statements, touching the ball with the hand or double kicking it, or changing the trajectory of the ball with the body. All decisions on this matter are made by the referees.


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