The popularity of payment cards is growing rapidly, and in some countries, their use is more common than carrying cash. And it’s no wonder! Cards are convenient, take up little space in your wallet, and are durable; even if lost, they are quickly recovered, and the money on their balance remains completely safe. You can pay with them in retail outlets and online stores. You can use the funds previously deposited on them or the allocated credit limit. And if earlier, to issue a card, you had to go to a bank, now any company with special software can independently establish Card Issuing under its brand.

    Wallester offers a unique multifunctional platform for launching your card program.

    Who Will Be Interested in It?

    Payment Card Solutions can be useful in any industry. The platform from Wallester is easily adaptable to the needs of companies operating in the following areas:

    • Lending. Providers of consumer and peer-to-peer loans, as well as organizations that issue business loans, thanks to the card program, will simplify the loan disbursement procedure, improve the speed of funds transfer and generally optimize the lending process;
    • Electronic commerce. Having their card program will allow trading platforms to fulfil orders much faster;
    • Fintech. Availability of own payment instruments increases the rating of fintech companies;
    • Tourism. The process of mutual settlements of travel agencies with service providers and clients is accelerated;
    • Gig-economy. Having own card program, gig platforms will be able to adopt new employees faster and build strong relationships with partners;
    • Insurance. Proprietary cards speed up insurance claims processing and compensation accrual.

    Any company with many employees can use the Wallester platform to launch a payroll project. In addition, it can be used to issue gift cards, bonus cards, membership cards and loyalty cards. And Paysafe cards can also be seamlessly integrated into these sectors.

    Benefits of Wallester Solution

    The main task of the Wallester platform is to optimize financial business processes at the enterprise. With its help, you can effectively control payments and significantly improve the cash flow cycle, which is very important for the proper functioning of the company and its harmonious development. Co-brand Solution from Wallester has other advantages as well:

    • the platform allows you to create any card program for any company’s purposes. These can be physical and virtual cards, single-use and multi-use, debit, credit, travel, discount or bonus cards. Any card can be issued to create a unique experience for the company;
    • all card payments are made instantly. Banks are not involved in the process of crediting funds, so the payment is not hours or days but fractions of seconds;
    • convenient management system. The platform makes it easy to block, replace the card, set limits on transactions or use it in certain countries. There is no need to go to the bank and waste time on bureaucracy; all actions to manage the payment means are available on a single platform;
    • all payments pass through the fraud control system, and based on the information available in the server part of Wallester, it is possible to approve or reject transactions;
    • cards can become a source of additional income for the companies that issued them. For this purpose, it is enough to set a fee for ATM withdrawal or a fee for card replacement, reissuance or blocking;
    • all cards can be tokenized to add them to the most popular digital wallets.

    One of the most important features of the Wallester platform is White-Label Card Issuing. This feature allows companies to issue branded Visa cards with a unique design that can increase brand recognition and improve customer loyalty. The payment instrument, mobile application, and self-service portal are designed in the same style. 

    Wallester helps bring a financial product to market quickly and fully supports its infrastructure. Wallester is an advanced solution that can easily adapt to any industry and business segment. With its help, it simplifies many business processes related to finance, expands its customer base and makes the brand more attractive to customers.


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