In the vast and immersive world of Meats of Empire, mastery of weaponry is a crucial aspect of gameplay. Whether you’re defending your stronghold, embarking on epic quests, or engaging in thrilling battles, the efficiency of your weapons can make all the difference. However, achieving proficiency with your arsenal isn’t always straightforward. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the myths and unveil the most effective strategies for upgrading your weapon efficiency in Meats of Empire.

    Dispelling the Myths:

    Before we delve into the strategies for enhancing weapon efficiency, let’s dispel a common myth that may hinder your progress. Some players believe that utilizing high-level spears or engaging in certain activities, such as torture rack training, is the key to rapid improvement. However, this approach often proves to be inefficient and time-consuming. Instead, we’ll focus on more effective methods that yield tangible results.

    Strategies for Weapon Efficiency:

    1. Torture Rack Training Reconsidered: While utilizing a torture rack with lightened pieces may seem like a viable option, it’s not the most efficient method for upgrading weapon proficiency. The slow progression and limited effectiveness make it less desirable compared to alternative approaches.
    2. Capturing and Taming NPCs: A more effective strategy involves capturing and taming NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) with the aid of horse-drawn carts and prisons. Seek out NPCs of moderate level (around 45-50) and tame them using careful tactics. Avoid high-level NPCs, as they may prove challenging to tame and yield diminishing returns.
    3. Utilizing Traps: Traps can be invaluable tools for capturing and subduing NPCs without sustaining damage. Constructing simple traps using foundations, ceilings, and stairs allows you to immobilize NPCs and control the situation effectively. This method minimizes risk while maximizing efficiency.
    4. Optimizing Prisoner Management: Once you’ve captured NPCs, it’s essential to optimize their management for maximum efficiency. Remove their weapons and arrows, leaving only a bow without arrows to prevent any unexpected confrontations. This ensures that NPCs remain compliant and facilitates smoother progression.
    5. Implementing the Prisoner Trap: Construct a specialized prisoner trap within your stronghold, positioning NPCs strategically to optimize efficiency. By blessing yourself with proficiency gain buffs, you can further enhance your weapon efficiency gains. Additionally, employing harpoons and horse rains allows you to target multiple NPCs simultaneously, maximizing proficiency gains.


    In the dynamic world of Meats of Empire, mastering weapon efficiency is a journey filled with challenges and opportunities. By debunking common myths and embracing strategic approaches, players can accelerate their progression and achieve unparalleled proficiency with their arsenal. From capturing and taming NPCs to implementing specialized traps, each strategy contributes to a holistic approach to weapon efficiency enhancement.

    As you embark on your quest for mastery, remember to adapt and refine your strategies based on individual playstyles and preferences. By staying informed and open to experimentation, you’ll unlock new levels of skill and prowess in the realm of Meats of Empire.

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