As a requirement, news publications, using the Hutchins news model, are a means of getting to every member of the society through information, feelings and thoughts that are provided by the news publication. The Gulf Times has followed this requirement to the latter by ensuring that they print information in a universal language; English. Despite the fact that it is a newspaper located in the United Arab Emirates, Gulf Times has surpassed the language boundaries in order to reach a wider audience with the information they print. Although most news publications in the region print in Arabic, Gulf Times has used a more universally-understood language to ensure that all members of the society are able to understand the information being passed across. For a similar paper follow the link Order Dissertation Paper Online.

    The Hutchins news model makes it mandatory that news publications ensure that all ideas that are worthy of a public hearing get a public hearing and that any information that seems irrelevant should be reviewed first before it is considered irrelevant. With this notion in mind, the Gulf Times, while using the Hutchins model, has ensured that all relevant information that needs to be passed to the public is printed. The news publication has done so by covering both national and international news and also by having a wide range of information as is shown in their different columns such as breaking news, top stories, business news, and sports news among others. (The Gulf Times, 2015). Most news publications in the United Arab Emirates have limited their content to certain topics such as regional news or sports news, but the Gulf Times ensured they have a coverage of diverse topics to present all-inclusive information to the public as is required by the Hutchins news model. Get in touch with

    The Gulf Times, as a requirement of the use of the Hutchins news model, have ensured that, although they provide for public participation in their articles, the public pressures do not limit their expression. Before, the Gulf Times publish public comments, criticism and opinions, they ensure the public has no intentions of gagging the media with their opinions. The freedom of the media is very important as it guarantees the accuracy of information presented as well as ensuring that all information that deserves to get to the public will do so. Although public participation is an important feature in the media, public opinion may at times be negative and may tend to require the censorship of the media especially if the information presented by the media publication points out societal evils that certain groups in the society would want to remain hidden. It is, therefore, a requirement of the news publications that follow the Hutchins model to keep in mind that not all public opinion is positive or constructive and should be well-monitored to promote freedom of the media.

    Through the use of the Hutchins news model, the Gulf Times newspaper has ensured that it presents a meaningful, comprehensive and truthful account of daily events as well allowing for public participation through criticism and exchange of comments. The model has also ensured that the Gulf Times brings out the opinions and attitudes of the public to each other so that the public can learn from and about each other. It has also made the Gulf Times newspaper a way of getting to all members of the society by using a universal language to present information, feelings and thoughts that are not limited or censored by the government or by the public itself. It can, therefore, be said that the use of the Hutchins news model has enabled the Gulf Times newspaper to ranked among the leading publications, which cover the English language, both in the United Arab Emirates and in the entire world.


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