Animal chess was considered by our ancestors to be an intellectual game, originating from China, and has gradually been played popularly in Southeast Asian countries. This game has quite simple rules, but players need to have tactics and predictability. Animal chess can be played between two people or two teams and each side has 16 chess pieces of different shapes. To understand more about how to play animal chess, please join Nhà Cái Hi88 to learn about the article below.

    Introducing the Special Features of Animal Chess

    Animal flags have many special features compared to other types of flags, for example:

    • The pieces are not revealed until they meet, this is how to create mystery and challenge for the players. The way to play animal chess is to force the player to judge the ranks of the pieces the opponent owns.
    • Each chess piece can move in four different directions such as: Left, right, up, down. In some special chess pieces, they can swim across rivers, tigers and masters can jump across rivers.
    • You can capture enemy troops by rank, in order from high to low. But there will still be an exception where the mouse piece can capture the elephant piece (this piece has the highest rank).

    Attractive Points of the Animal Board Game Set

    The animal chess game set includes three main components: the board, the chess pieces and the arrangement of each chess piece.


    The animal chess board is 7×9 squares in size, divided into two parts by a horizontal river. Each section has a flag cave, a trap, and three river tiles. The chess cave is where your pieces must be protected, the trap is where the opponent’s pieces can be easily captured, and the river square is where the pieces can be prevented or overcome.

    Chess Pieces and Rank Ranks

    Each side has 16 chess pieces, classified by rank from 1 to 8, corresponding to the following animals:

    Level 1 Mouse piece (1 piece)
    Level 2 Cat piece (1 piece)
    Level 3 Dog pieces (2 pieces)
    Level 4 Wolf pieces (2 pieces)
    Level 5 Military intelligence (2 pieces)
    Level 6 Tiger piece (1 piece)
    Level 7 Lion piece (1 piece)
    Level 8 Elephant army (1 piece)

    The pieces have different colors to distinguish the two sides, usually red and blue. The pieces are placed on the board face down, to hide their rank.

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    Arrangement Position of Each Chess Piece

    The chess pieces are arranged on the chessboard according to the player’s preferences, but must comply with the following regulations:

    • They must be placed on the first three rows of our part of the board.
    • Do not place on your flag cave, trap or river box.
    • Chess pieces of the same rank cannot be placed next to each other horizontally or vertically.

    CYoke of Official Chess Play

    After arranging the chess pieces, both sides begin to play chess in turns. Players can choose one of their pieces and move it one space in four directions: left, right, up, down. There are some rules to keep in mind when moving pieces:

    LHow to Win When Playing Chinese Chess

    There are two ways to win when playing animal chess:

    1. Our piece must capture all of the opponent’s pieces.
    2. Send one of your chess pieces into the enemy’s chess cave to explore.

    For experts, the easiest way to win at animal chess requires the following tips:

    • Arrange chess pieces properly: Take advantage of the terrain and trap the opponent’s chess pieces. Players need to arrange strong chess pieces in the center to control the whole chess board.
    • Move your pieces carefully, don’t let your opponents catch them. You should take advantage of the special moves of some chess pieces that have many unique moves for you.
    • Pay close attention to the mouse piece: This is the only piece that captures the elephant piece, so use your mouse piece to attack the opponent’s elephant piece, or protect your elephant piece by moving the mouse piece.
    • Be flexible and creative in your gameplay to enjoy the joy of victory.

    How to Play Animal Chess, Capture Pieces and Capture Pieces?

    According to the classic way of playing chess, the pieces and how to capture them are as follows:

    • If the rank of your piece is higher or equal to the rank of the piece that the opponent has, then your piece will capture that piece and eliminate them from the match. At this time, the opponent’s pieces are removed from the chessboard.
    • In case, the rank of your chess pieces is lower than the opponent’s, you will be removed from the chess board, and the opponent will keep that position.

    Above is all the information about how to play animal chess that you can know. Hi88 hopes that through the above article you will understand more about animal chess and choose the most accurate path and tips for yourself.


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