A good defense lawyer will win your case or ensure you get the most lenient punishment in criminal convictions. In Chandler, violent crimes committed per year is much lesser than the national average in the United States. However, if one has committed a crime like murder or theft in Arizona they need a criminal lawyer. 

    Also, if one is being framed falsely in a criminal offense, they need a Chandler criminal defense lawyer to help avoid severe legal troubles and long years of imprisonment. 

    How A Good Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Save The Accused From Severe Punishment? 

    A good criminal defense lawyer will know about the functioning of criminal courts. He will know how the magistrate or police function. A good criminal defense lawyer can help lessen the quantum of punishment.

    Collecting Evidence 

    A lawyer knows exactly what constitutes solid evidence in a court of law. So he will guide you in collecting evidence. Moreover, he will also advise you about the statements to the police so that testimonials cannot be used against the person testifying.

    Protecting Rights When You Are In Police Custody

    The defense lawyer must safeguard the basic rights of his client when he is in jail. The accused needs to be protected against torture. Hence, it becomes imperative that the criminal defense lawyer applies for his client’s  bail or sends pleas to the court to ensure that his client’s rights are not violated.

    Formulating A Strong Argument

    Based on the evidence available in your favor, a defense lawyer will weave a good argument to absolve you or get you minimum punishment. A lawyer may use old case histories and previous judgments to make a favorable decision.

    Questioning The Prosecution’s Witness

    The criminal defense lawyer cross-examines the prosecution’s witnesses to find inconsistencies in their statements to prove that the prosecution is wrong, which makes it easier to protect his client.

    Helps In Plea Bargaining

    A lawyer assists in plea bargaining between the defense and prosecution to reach a mutual agreement out of court where the accused pleads guilty. In return, the prosecution demands a lesser quantum of punishment.


    A good criminal defense lawyer is vital for winning a case. He helps his client in multiple ways. His advice helps his client to ultimately walk free and avoid prison.


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