Lucky Jet has certainly won the hearts of millions of drbet users. This crash game attracts gamblers and bettors alike. The whole point of these games is that you withdraw your money and decide for yourself whether or not it is worth the risk. Let’s break down how vouchers work, where to get them and how to play Lucky Jet on drbet casino!

    What is dr bet voucher

    A drbet voucher is a special code that gives you the right to play slots for free, with them you can also bet on sports. Vouchers always have a limited number. Today they can give out 80 vouchers of $10 and tomorrow it will be 10 codes of $80. You can enter the code by logging in to your personal dr bet account or you can enter it directly in the game, such as with Lucky Jet.

    For the latter, you can simply go to the Lucky Jet “Bonuses” section during the game and enter the promo code there. It will only work for that game if the voucher was intended for that particular game. If you enter a voucher from another game, it will not work correctly.

    Vouchers can be general – they are suitable for most of the content of drbet casino betting, and there are specialized – Lucky Jet, other online games or generally coupons for sports betting. Voucher amounts are also different, and it takes sagacity to get the best ones. We will find out how to get a voucher and where next.

    Voucher and deposit bonus – what’s the difference?

    Let’s start with the fact that each user has 2 accounts at his disposal: one main account with real money, the second one is a bonus account. The voucher gives real money, which you just need to wager and only after that the winnings you got using the voucher can be withdrawn in full.

    Deposit bonus also requires wagering, but when you win only a certain percentage of the winnings will go to the main account. This percentage depends on how you win: slots and betting differ in percentage. But bonus money is always much more than voucher money. With both the bonus you can get real money.

    In addition, bonus money is not only a deposit bonus, but also other casino promotions and offers! One of them is the installation bonus. All you have to do is download dr bet to your mobile and log into your account. After that, you will be charged $ 100 or the equivalent of that amount in your currency. The app is suitable for both Android and iOS. Try to play and get real money!

    Where do they give out Lucky Jet vouchers for online casinos drbet

    Vouchers give away almost every day on social networking online casinos. Particularly popular is Telegram channel drbet. In addition to vouchers you can find out about all new promotions first, as well as communicate with other users in the comments under the posts.

    The voucher looks like a set of numbers and letters. However, simply copying and pasting this code will not always work. Some vouchers have their own mini task, which is quite easy. For example, you see the code “dr bet? In this case, the assignment says to multiply 5 by 1 and insert the result instead of a question mark. The voucher itself ends up with the following – “1w-m5igve”.

    If you enter the resulting code and the system writes that it is impossible to activate the voucher or it simply will not find it, then they have already been taken. Vouchers are always limited, so you have to be quick to get a good amount. What can you do to do this? Just turn on notifications of new entries and activate it as quickly as possible. If you don’t have luck today, you can always try your luck tomorrow.


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