Create better memories with the loved ones closest to your heart when you bring the kids on a Caribbean adventure, whether you want to immerse them in culture at local galleries and museums or take them into nature on an exotic island safari.

    Watch their eyes sparkle with wonder at marching flamingos, exotic birds, and real-life pirates. Afterward, let them burn off energy in the world’s largest skate park.

    Stingray City

    Dive into an unforgettable encounter at Stingray City Sandbar, where gentle giants glide gracefully amongst snorkelers and divers. Capture memories of a lifetime as you touch their velvety skin and witness their playful nature – just one of the many thrilling adventures awaiting you in Grand Cayman. Plan your underwater experience today at professionals like!

    The Cayman Islands offers many kid-friendly activities that will delight everyone in the family. Whether brushing up against friendly stingrays at Stingray City or coming face-to-face with giant green turtles at the Cayman Turtle Centre, kids can take in the island’s natural wonders.

    Stingray City is one of the most popular activities in the Cayman Islands, and for good reason. This shallow sandbar on the north side of Grand Cayman is home to friendly, gentle stingrays that love being visited by people. A short boat ride brings visitors to this exciting attraction.

    Another fun beach destination is Rum Point, a popular spot with calm and shallow waters. This family-friendly destination has sea & water activities and an excellent beach bar that serves the best-frozen mudslide in town. Kids will love splashing in the beautifully designed water fountains that decorate this popular attraction.

    Turtle Farm

    There’s plenty of family fun in a town full of cute shops, cafes, and laid-back restaurants. It’s a great place to pause after a day of adventure on the water or exploring inland on Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman.

    In this family-friendly attraction, kids can learn about the life cycle of a sea turtle while playing in a water park, shark tank, tidal pool, and wildlife lagoon. This famous Grand Cayman activity is a great way to bring the family together while promoting conservation and education.

    Founded as a commercial sea turtle farm to produce meat, the facility (now called the Turtle Centre) now primarily operates as a tourist attraction and engages in turtle research and conservation. However, it has come under repeated criticism from animal welfare groups and a U.K. parliamentary select committee for poor animal welfare and conditions, such as severe overcrowding in tanks, disease, maladaptive behaviors, and cannibalism.

    Restaurants that serve turtle meat (including the CTF) are quick to allay concerns, saying that the turtles are reared in captivity and consumption poses no threat to wild populations.

    Pedro St. James Castle

    A secluded beach and picturesque water fountains create an idyllic backdrop for family meals and activities. The on-site Thatch & Barrel restaurant offers a menu of fusion cuisine, including local seafood and Caribbean favorites. There are also complimentary weekly structured artistic kids’ activities for children of all ages and abilities to enhance skills and expose young minds to local and international artists.

    Discover heritage and culture on this enchanting adventure that takes you to Pedro St James Castle, the oldest surviving stone structure in the Cayman Islands. Known locally as ‘Pedro’s Castle,’ this 3-story Great House was built using slave labor in 1780 and dwarfed the single-level wattle-and-daub dwellings of its time.

    Tour this tower on your own or take a guided tour that provides an in-depth look into the history of Cayman’s most iconic landmark. The site also features a multi-sensory 3D movie and period furniture for an immersive experience. It has been used for numerous years, including a cotton plantation, jail, and Government Assembly. It has survived hurricanes, fires, and even rumors of being jinxed and haunted.

    Cayman Islands National Museum

    The Cayman Islands offer the natural wonders one expects from a Caribbean destination. Yet, they are also rich with cultural and historical offerings on land and water. Explore these must-see attractions on a boat tour, a scenic drive, or a guided excursion.

    A window to the past can be opened at the Cayman Islands National Museum, which aims to preserve and exhibit all aspects of Caymanian heritage. Manuscripts, prints, fossils, musical instruments, household utensils, and animal specimens provide a fascinating glimpse into the islands’ history.

    Take in the sights and sounds of a beautiful coastal destination on a ride to Starfish Point on Grand Cayman’s north shore. Located on a public beach, it’s a popular spot for young families to enjoy crystal-clear waters and play with the red starfish that scatter the shallows of the sandy bay.

    National Gallery

    While sugary white beaches and azure warm waters are what draws most to the Cayman Islands, there is much more than that to discover. The destination offers a variety of family-friendly activities that keep kids occupied even on days when the lure of the beach isn’t quite enough to entice them outside.

    Whether it’s kayaking or snorkeling, kids will surely be delighted by the underwater wonders of the Caribbean Sea. Explore a coral reef garden, swim with stingrays, or explore the USS Kittiwake, one of the most famous wreck dives in the world.

    Youngsters can also enjoy the sights and sounds of the Cayman Islands from the water with a submarine ride that takes them beneath the surface, where they can watch blooming anemones, schools of colorful fish, and towering coral cliffs come to life. The experience is a must-do for any family visiting the Cayman Islands.


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