Heavy equipment is indispensable when it comes to construction projects, providing loads of support for difficult tasks like excavation.

    Some common types of heavy equipment include front loaders, telehandlers, cranes and excavators – each designed for specific tasks and purposes but all falling under the general category of heavy equipment.


    Telehandlers are ideal for maneuvering difficult access areas on construction sites and can help increase safety in these high-elevation zones by taking away the need to send labor up in cranes or other machinery.

    Telehandlers come equipped with various attachments that can be added according to individual project needs, including crane jibs for turning it into an adjustable crane, bucket attachments to scoop materials out quickly, and work cage platforms that provide individuals with safe work platforms on which they can work safely and comfortably.

    Hiring a telehandler not only allows your company to complete projects otherwise impossible with standard equipment, but it can also save on costs associated with buying it outright. Furthermore, renting short-term gives your business greater flexibility.

    Feller Buncher

    The feller buncher is an essential tool for large scale logging jobs, designed specifically to increase performance, productivity, and safety for workers – an asset to any logging company.

    These machines can be used to harvest timber and other wood products such as biomass. Their versatility makes them invaluable tools for various projects such as preparing construction sites, clearing wetlands, or thinning forests.

    ELTEC feller bunchers feature numerous safety features designed to safeguard operators during logging operations. Furthermore, these machines come equipped with an advanced system that compensates for variations in terrain by adjusting tilt angle – helping balance steep slopes more effectively and maintaining balance throughout. Furthermore, its engine hood features a gull-wing design for easier servicing and maintenance, rugged undercarriage design, KOMTRAX remote equipment monitoring telematics system from Komatsu as well as Komatsu’s KOMTRAX remote equipment monitoring telematics system from Komatsu; making these machines great additions to any fleet of forest machinery!

    Tower Crane

    Tower cranes are essential construction machines that use immense height to lift heavy loads and materials up. Used extensively during skyscraper construction projects or large projects that require special machinery, tower cranes are used to reach heights that no other crane can match.

    Tower cranes are easily identifiable by their iconic steel latticework known as jib and counter jibs, which extend from the tower or mast and can be moved around using a trolley connected to its slewing unit. An operator cab is attached to these arms and accessible by climbing ladders within the mast itself.

    Operating a tower crane requires the cooperation of several highly-skilled individuals. These include a crane coordinator, swamper or lift director and operator. The coordinator should schedule lifts and minimize risk while the swamper or lift director should oversee safe load moves according to operator directive.


    Excavators are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available, used for digging holes, moving materials and demolishing small structures. Also referred to as diggers or JCBs, excavators come in various sizes and configurations that will depend on how often and for how long it needs to be used.

    Standard excavators feature an array of attachments and can be fitted with backfill blades for digging operations. Hydraulic breakers and shear attachments help expedite demolition work while hydraulic quick couplers make attachment mounting much simpler, increasing efficiency on site.

    Renting rather than purchasing will allow you to easily upgrade to the latest model when it is released, boosting productivity and efficiency on site. Plus, with so many models and attachments to choose from, switching work tools as your project progresses will become effortless!


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