When it becomes necessary to exchange BinanceCoin BEP20 (BNB) to Bitcoin (BTC), you should approach the choice of the optimal way to conduct a transaction as responsibly as possible. The decision will determine the speed of execution, security, and benefit level of the financial transaction. Therefore, you should be extremely careful. And to deal with the current issue quickly and effectively, the topic should be studied in more detail.

    The best exchange option

    The best way to exchange Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency for Bitcoin (BTC) is in cooperation with one of the electronic exchangers. Working with such services is simple, profitable, and safe. As for the last point, choosing a service for concluding a risk-free transaction is not tricky. The authoritative monitoring portal BestChange will help to solve the problem, where a list of well-known exchangers is published, each of which has been repeatedly checked for honesty and transparency of work. On this site, you can choose any service, being confident in the security of currency exchange. And it is worth noting that in the process of cooperation with the service providers in question, it will be possible to register several significant advantages of the solution:

    • exchange of Binance Coin cryptocurrency in BEP20 to Bitcoin (BTC)at current rates;
    • low fees for services;
    • large reserves of currency;
    • willingness to exchange small and significant amounts;
    • the ability to exchange assets at any time of the day;
    • maximum simplicity and efficiency of exchange.

    If we talk about the monitoring portal that can help monitor online exchanger services, you can get additional information about the platform and currency exchange at bestchange.com. Also, such publications can be found in many alternative sources.

    As for the withdrawal of Binance cryptocurrency directly through the exchange, to organize the procedure, you will need to use the services of the P2P platform. There is an exchange between individuals. Your task is to find an offer that suits the main parameters. But how much time it will take to search is not known, especially if you need to exchange a sufficiently large number of digital coins. And if you need to make a deal urgently, you will have to give up the benefit, losing conversion rates and commissions for the speed of the transaction. Not the best solution.

    The situation is the same on third-party P2P exchange sites. Their functionality in such cases is also used quite rarely.

    That is why the best solution for organizing the withdrawal of Binance cryptocurrency to a ruble account through a fast payment system is to use the offers of electronic exchangers.

    Choosing an exchange offer

    If you visit the reliable exchange aggregator mentioned above, you will notice that Binance Coin (BNB) withdrawal to BitCoin cryptocurrency offers many services. It remains to determine the best terms of the deal. To do this, compare current offers according to the following criteria:

    • asset conversion rate;
    • commission – included in the course;
    • reserves of currency available for sending by bank transfer;
    • restrictions on the amount of convertible amounts;
    • the number of positive reviews left by clients of performers.

    Given the above points, you can easily and quickly determine the best offer. It remains to fill out an application and conduct a financial transaction. The procedure does not involve difficulties, and it is done quickly enough. The main thing is to consider the rules published on the exchanger’s website, observe the deadlines indicated by the document, payment systems bestchange.com/wiki/, and other parameters.

    How to make an exchange

    To exchange assets by going to the contractor’s website, you must fill out an application, carefully check the correctness of the information provided, and confirm it. Next, you must contact the service manager to obtain the wallet number to which Binance cryptocurrency should be transferred. Now you can pay for the application, observing the deadlines established by the rules.


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