A good dab straw can eliminate the need for a separate torch and nail setup. Just insert the concentrate, heat the tip, and enjoy.

    Whether you use a blowtorch, torch-style, or an electronic dab straw, you must find the right temperature for your concentrates. A small sand or kitchen timer can help you follow recommended heating and cooling times.


    E-nails are among the latest and most popular ways to enjoy your favorite wax concentrates. Designed to eliminate the need for a torch, e-nails uses an electronic control box to heat the nail and keep it at a constant temperature throughout your session.

    They also offer great flexibility when finding the perfect dabbing temperature. You can set the e-nail to vaporize your wax at a low temperature for mild hits or use it at high temperatures for intensely potent dabs.

    Choosing your perfect dabbing temperature is important for getting the best out of your experience. With a traditional dab nail and butane torch, it cannot be easy to find your sweet spot, but an e-nail makes it easy to get your dabs exactly how you want them. It’s a great way to ensure you use your precious concentration effectively.

    Glass Straws

    dab straw, a nectar collector, or a honey straw is a simple way to enjoy your concentrates without needing a heavy rig. Essentially, it’s a glass pipe with one end for inhaling and the other for heating up and dabbing your extract.

    To use a dab straw, first, heat the tip with your torch. When the tip is hot enough, touch the wax to vaporize it and inhale. It’s essential only to touch the tip lightly to prevent overheating. Watching it glow orange, you can usually tell if the tip is overheating.

    If you plan on using a dab straw with a budder, it’s best to get a straw with a water chamber since a budder can sometimes migrate toward the end of your straw and cause you to inhale it instead of the vapor. This type of straw will help filter out any unvaporized budder and ensure you get the most flavorful hits from your concentrates.

    Nail Tips

    For advanced dabbing enthusiasts, a nail thermometer gun can help with temperature control. These devices allow you to read the temperature of a nail or banger from a safe distance, letting you adjust your heat levels accordingly without fear of getting burned.

    blowtorch can also be helpful for dabsters, as they are commonly used to heat rigs and nails. These tools vary in price, size, and speed, so choosing the right one for your needs is essential.

    When using a dab straw, prepare your concentrate and dab torch before starting. If your dab straw has a water chamber, fill it and secure the connections before attaching the tip (to prevent thermal expansion). 

    Nail Clips

    While more experienced dabbers may have a grasp on their rigs and nail temperature range, newbies can use tools like nail clips to make sure they’re heating and cooling the nail at the ideal rate. Nail clips help keep the nails from moving while you’re torching and allow you to get your dabber and carb cap ready while the nail cools.

    You can also use a nail clip to ensure you’re not dabbing too hot, which can ruin the flavor of your concentrate and hurt your lungs. When a nail is too hot, it will glow red, and it can be hard to tell if you’re at the perfect temperature.

    An e-nail gives you precise control over the temperature of your nail through an atomizer that heats it using a coil. While a bit more expensive than a traditional titanium or quartz nail, an e-nail is the safest way to consume dabs.


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