The Canada Startup Visa program was introduced in 2014 at the initiative of Jason Kenney, the former Minister of Immigration Canada. This immigration method is suitable for those interested in building their future in Canada and have unique opportunities to expand their business along with family immigration.

    The main goal of the Canadian Immigration Department in this program is to attract entrepreneurs who want to implement innovative ideas by taking advantage of the Canadian startup visa. Unlike the startup visa programs of other countries such as Australia and the UK, one of the critical features of this program key features is the need for measurement criteria for business indicators. In other words, your business can be less than 100% successful. Canadian permanent residence will not be taken away from the business investor because the applicant has not achieved specific business goals.

    Canadian Startup Visa In Different Countries

    Along with the global policy focus on strengthening and developing innovative startups, many countries offer immigration programs to attract foreign busines and entrepreneurs with high business potential.

    Startup visa programs can be distinguished from entrepreneurial visa programs by focusing on innovative, scalable and potential businesses. This progra focuses on the potential of bright business ideas rather than investing in existing companies.

    Over the past decade, various startup visa programs have been introduced worldwide. They are now part of the immigration policy landscape of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, and New Zealand. , Holland, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Great Britain.

    In some countries, startup visa programs have been introduced as extensions of existing entrepreneur or investor programs, while in others, startup visa programs have preceded the introduction of a full-fledged entrepreneur or investor program.

    For example, in Italy, the suv visa program has been introduced and included as a sub-program of the investment visa. In other cases, startup visa programs are introduced without changes to immigration law to facilitate entry into existing categories.

    What are the goals of different start visa programs in different countries?

    Startup visa programs are an initiative to attract talented foreign entrepreneurs to start innovative businesses with high potential. Almost all countries have an entrepreneur visa program for investing in a business.

    However, this visa targets a category ineligible for such existing entrepreneurship programs, either because the business still needs to exist, has very few employees, has a poor business history and adverse balance sheet, or is the owner of capital. It does not have its own. However, there may be innovative businesses and business ideas that a country is willing to host and nurture. A SUV visa may have a business and immigration component.

    The goal is to grow countries’ economies and facilitate the conditions for foreign entrepreneurs to start a new business. This may be part of the country’s policy effort to facilitate the launch of a business, but new foreign entrepreneurs can benefit from it.

    When countries accept investors and entrepreneurs, they usually try to choose candidates with high business success. Applying such expectations is difficult for SUV applicants. Startups suffer from a higher failure rate than any other business. This is compatible with the SUV business model, characterized by high uncertainty, higher risks and high dependence on the surrounding economic ecosystem.

    At the same time, an active startup ecosystem is often conducive to the success of subsequent startups. In this context, suv visa programs have taken different approaches.

    Immigration Startup Visa programs aim to facilitate the conditions under which foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a new and innovative business can obtain a work visa or permanent residence. This may mean creating an entirely new immigration program to launch an inovative business, as has been done in Canada, New Zealand, and other countries, or it may mean creating a specific immigration program such as the French Passport Talent or Dutch startup visa. In some cases, startup visa programs, such as the Chile SUV visa program, may only be part of business visas. However, this model only works if the barriers to entry and residence in the destination country are low.

    In Canada, the startup visa program attracts younger applicants with higher human capital and more vital English/French language skills than other immigration program applicants. This is considered an indicator of the success of the startup program, especially since age, education, and language skills are not the primary eligibility requirements for this program, as they are in the countries of England, Korea, and New Zealand.

     When can you immigrate to Canada with a SUV visa?

    Investors can enter the country with a temporary work permit after receiving the Canadian startup visa support letter to prepare for launching their business.

    Through the Canada Startup Visa, the permanent residency program is suitable for both young people and experienced entrepreneurs. It is essential to mention that there is no age limit for investors. You can present a business idea with the vision and scale of a unique, ready-made business in Canada in the application for permanent residence. Also, remember that you can apply for Canadian citizenship four years after receiving your permanent residence permit, subject to other conditions.

    Immigrating and obtaining permanent residence in Canada through a Canada startup visa has its complexities, criteria and difficulties. As a result, using a business consultant to reduce risks and choosing a path that fits the conditions, as well as having an immigration lawyer for legal and problem-free immigration, can be a great help in facilitating this path. Therefore, Arnika Visa business immigration firm, with years of experience, provides specialized services in business immigration to Canada and obtaining permanent residence. This company has successfully completed many immigration cases by having up-to-date and accurate information through an experienced and expert team.


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