If you were given an option when you are willing to play a match of football or cricket but not present in a play court? If that’s the situation, indulging in fantasy sports is the best option for you. The user of fantasy sports gets to virtually compete against the opposition users, virtual team, and buildup of players from real-life sports. Let’s now get a clear idea of what fantasy sports is all about.

    The basics

    Fantasy sports runs the basic concept that an individual creates their team and competes against the opposition fantasy sports team to win exclusive rewards and prizes. It depends on the platform on which a user engages, such as https://www.dream11.com/fantasy-cricket, the number of substitutes, The number of players to be hired, and other aspects of the sport.

    How to play?

    The first and foremost step to playing a fantasy sport is forming a team. One must analyze, monitor and track down the performance of every player. They choose their fantasy teams to increase their odds of winning the match. You get to choose your team players, and you can watch them score. Depending on the scores made by your team players, you get your fantasy points.

    How do fantasy sports work?

    Whether you play just for fun, or for the reward, it completely depends on you. Depending on the kind of match, one can win or lose the tournament while competing with the competitors based on the performance of the real-life players on the playground.

    The more scores or runs made by your team players, the more chances for you to win the game. The total reward points you earn depend upon the number of fouls, goals, yellow cards, red cards, and other actions during the match. Performances that include more plans help. You gain more fantasy points. However, aspects such as red cards, yellow cards, and fouls might reduce your points. The best part about creating a fantasy team is choosing players from any team you want.


    Different platforms offer different rewards for their fantasy sports players. A few platforms reward the players with rewards for winning a match. However, others offer reward points that the players can redeem while purchasing or at saving prices. The players might even receive coupons, points, or fees depending upon the platform they choose to play on.

    The do’s and don’ts in fantasy sports

    The key to winning – Good research on every player that includes their current and past performances in every match format must ensure you choose the best players for your fantasy team.

    Low profile matches – when an individual decides to play on a match day that consists of teams with a big profile, the chances of losing the match increase than the chances of winning because the team-based advantage also plays a huge role. It is preferred to select low-profile matches during the initial stages of a player to avoid the risk of losing the game and the rewards

    Next2-level game – strategies

    A newbie of fantasy sports  may not know how to win the matches and rewards while playing fantasy sports, leagues, and more, which is the best platform to play fantasy sports to win huge rewards. If you are willing to win attractive rewards from a fantasy platform, you must know enough about the sport you decide to participate in. You will always be ahead of other players by having the basic knowledge about a particular match. Keeping yourself updated on the pitch, ground history, playing conditions, and the form of players is the most crucial.

    Different platforms offer you different numbers of players that you can assign to your team. Ensure that the maximum number of players in your team have a good score history in every match format. Most fantasy sports players choose popular players as they think it will result in scoring more fun to see points. However, nothing is predictable, and you never know how an individual player performs in a match. Hence, navigate around fantasy cricket in a manner where your next moves cannot be predicted by the opposition team by any means.


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