• Brand Name: CBDfx
    • Type: CBD Vape Juice
    • CBN Content: 2000mg
    • CBD Content: 200mg
    • THC Content: 75mg
    • Volume: 30ml
    • Flavor: Grape
    • Possible Effects: Offers Relaxation and Stress Relief
    • Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Hemp Extract, Natural Flavors

    The appeal of hemp and marijuana by-products is the possible benefits they hold. Manufacturers are going as far as combining several cannabinoids in the hope of helping people deal with specific conditions. Take, for instance, the CBDfx Purple Punch, which combines the properties of CBN and delta-9 to offer a wholesome effect. This flavour and strain are one of their top lines that claim to help users sleep better and for longer. Are these claims valid, or is it due to growing hype and increased positive reactions to vaping? 

    Characteristics of the CBN and Delta-9 THC Purple Punch Vape Juice

    Product reviews serve the purpose of offering detailed information about the given items. They provide broad descriptions and specific characteristics unique to the product in question. With this in mind, this review will start with a brief overview of the brand before moving to the Purple Punch vape juice. CBDfx is a relatively young company in the CBD world. 

    Its headquarters is in the San Fernando Valley and led by two cousins whose goal is to provide people with quality CBD and THC commodities. Their company started in 2014 and has since become the second-largest privately owned weed company in the United States. They adhere to strict rules and regulations as stipulated by the FDA. 

    Their manufacturing sites follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practise (CGMP) and conduct third-party lab tests to ensure their products’ quality. In general, CBDfx has a range of cannabis items dedicated to offering high-quality use to its customers. 

    The main characteristics of the Purple Punch CBN and delta-9 THC are as follows.


    In considering the features of vape fluids and other marijuana by-products, the potency should be at the top of your list. With the Purple Punch flavour, the potency of the three main cannabinoids is quite significant. CBN is the highest with 2000mg, followed by CBD at 200mg and THC at 75mg. The three offer comprehensive effects. A single hit of the vape delivers different levels of each cannabinoid. 


    Other than the potency, the cost is the next important thing. Its importance is because you have to gauge the value of what you are getting and whether or not it is within your budget. This vape juice currently goes for $79.99 after a 25% discount. On regular occasions, the e-liquid goes for $94.99 without any discounts. Specific options can save you some money. One of them is the subscribe and save option that has you subscribing to a brand’s items to get a favourable discount on all purchases. 


    The main reason for analyzing the volume is to determine the number of uses a single bottle can offer. The volume of Purple Punch e-liquid is 30ml. With an average of 7-9 hits in a single day, the liquid should last you for about 2-3 weeks. To fully have it for 3 weeks, you may need to reduce the number of hits in a single day. 

    Flavour and Ingredients

    Lastly, another critical feature is the flavour and ingredients of the vape fluid you intend to purchase. Since you will get multiple uses, buying a flavour you enjoy is always ideal. The Purple Punch CBN and THC vape liquid have a distinctive grape flavour. The natural additives offer a realistic grape taste to its users. The grape flavour contributes to the overall wholesome effects of the cannabinoids. 

    Regarding the ingredients, the product combines vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, hemp extracts, and natural flavours. Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are responsible for reducing the harshness of the vaping process on your throat and lungs. Hemp extracts contribute to the availability of cannabinoids in the final product. Lastly, the natural flavours bring the grape effect to the Purple Punch vaporizer fluid

    Benefits of the Purple Punch E-Liquid

    Contrary to what most people believe, vaping is not just a recreational activity. There are certain benefits that people can realize from the action. These are inclusive of health benefits and general wellness. You can reap the benefits of vaping with Purple Punch CBD and THC vaping juice.

    Aids in Quitting Smoking Nicotine Cigarettes

    Nicotine addicts often find it hard to quit their cigarettes. The addiction leads them to use several sticks in a single day. Research into vaping practices reveals that it does reduce and curb smoking entirely. Nicotine addicts can use vape juices such as Purple Punch to quit and offer their bodies healthy benefits. 

    Vaping is Relatively Cheaper

    Compared to smoking cigarettes and joints, vaping is way cheaper. The two former practices involve buying multiple sticks and frequently have a daily supply. Turning to vape devices and liquids reduces the frequency of replenishing your stock. It is more cost-effective because a single bottle of vape liquid will last you longer. 

    Helps in Pain Management

    Due to the active ingredients in CBDfx’s Purple Punch, users can benefit from THC and CBD’s pain alleviation properties. Balanced cannabinoids offer a range of benefits to the user. For effective pain relief, products with more THC would be more appropriate. As it is, the Purple Punch can reduce pain levels, but you may need to take more than one hit. 

    Aids in Alleviating Sleep Issues

    The presence of CBN in this vaporizer fluid speaks to its ability to induce and aid in sleep issues. CBN typically gets used as a sleep aid alongside other naturally occurring elements, such as lavender. Combining CBN and THC alongside CBD will impact the user’s sleep quality. It can help fight insomnia, resulting in people falling asleep faster and staying asleep for longer. 

    Produces Milder and Less Horrible Vapor than Smoking

    Another benefit is their impact on your immediate surroundings. Smoking weed joints and cigarettes results in foul smoke in your immediate vicinity. This smoke can result in second-hand smoke for your loved ones and strangers. 

    The vapour is discrete and not harmful to the environment with vape juices. Most vape juices smell of fruity and sweet undertones. This feature makes them an ideal option for hitting in crowded rooms without people knowing or getting bothered by your practices. 

    Alternative Vape Juices from CBDfx

    As mentioned, CBDfx has multiple products with different features and benefits. Each of them aims to cater to the varying needs of their users. These are some of the top CBDfx products you can purchase. 

    CBDfx CBN Delta-9 THC Purple Punch Vape Pen

    This vape pen has the same flavour as the reviewed vape juices. It is of a grape flavour and less potent than the 2000mg CBN and 75mg THC. Its potency levels are 15mg CBN and 2.5mg THC. It is a disposable kit with about 400 hits. 

    CBD and Delta-9 THC Sativa Maui Wowie Vape Juice

    This 30ml vaporizer fluid comes with a tropical flavour. It has high cannabinoid levels with 2000mg CBD and 75mg THC. The hemp extract is of Sativa origin, explaining the uplifted and energized effects the fluid brings to its users. 

    Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen

    This pure CBD vape kit sells at $34.99 on regular occasions and $29.74 with a 25% discount. The pen has 500mg CBD and 0% THC. It is a rechargeable pen with about 800 puffs of the cannabinoid. It has a blue raspberry flavour, as alluded to in the name. 

    Tranquillity Stress and Anxiety Support

    The Tranquility Stress and Anxiety Support vape kit is a simple pen with a volume of 2ml. Its CND content stands at 500mg and 5mg THC. Its flavour is the Maui Wowie strain that brings relaxation and anxiety-relieving effects. 


    CBDfx’s range of products exists in the bucket loads, each with a unique feature. The brand has, since its inception, grown to win multiple awards. They value their customers’ satisfaction hence prioritizing safe manufacturing standards. The CBN and THC Purple Punch vape juice are among the brand’s long list of vaporizer fluids. Its natural flavour is due to the use of natural additives and not artificial ones. It is a helpful product that offers customers value for their money. 

    Lana Braslavska wrote this article. Her goal was to offer an in-depth review of the hemp-derived vaping product. From personal and work experience, she has given multiple reviews of vaping equipment. This experience allows her to offer helpful tidbits on using and selecting the best products in the market. 


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