Off-road tyres can carry a vehicle along with load and passengers on different kinds of terrains, such as mud, sand, rocks, and unpaved paths. Off-road tyres come with special tread patterns with tread blocks having wider grooves and larger lugs. You can avoid accidents and damage due to reinforced sidewalls and are puncture-resistant as well. Stay on top of tyre deals Dubai to know if you can get a deal on off-road driving.

    Types of Off-Road Tyres

    There are four key off-road tyre types:

    • All-terrain Tyres
    • Mud-terrain Tyres
    • Sand
    • Snow/Winter

    When you drive with off-road tyres, there are a few things you should pay attention to ensure safety and prevent issues:

    Tips for Off-Road Driving

    1. Check your Car Tyres & Wheels

    Make a habit of checking your car tyres before heading to the road. See if the tyres are aligned, rotated, and balanced. Check your off-road tyres for any tread wear and other uneven wear.

    1. Learn About Tyre Limits

    You should be aware of the speed and load capacities of your tyres. Make sure you don’t exceed them. If you like to drive off-road with bit underinflated tyres, do not load the vehicle to the maximum.

    1. Avoid Rapid Moves & Speed Changes

    There is no need to rush. Go as slow and smooth as you can yet as quick as you need. You should give some time to your off-road tyres so they get accustomed to the surface. You will see that they provide a much better grip after some time and then you can increase the speed. If you start sliding or spinning, avoid rapid moves and adding throttle. It is best to go slow and then gently guide your wheels until they traction.

    1. Some Air Out of the Tyres

    When you take some air out of your off-road tyres, it will increase the contact patch area. This will assist you so you can drive with ease on off-road surfaces. The off-road tyres will easily move without any damage over trees, rocks, and debris. The lower pressure would help keep you from digging into the surface and getting stuck when you drive on sand or snow.

    See that you don’t let too much air out of the vehicle or you might risk the tyre going flat and coming off the rim.

    1. Check your Front Wheels and Vehicle Position

    When you are driving, always lean out your window to check that your front wheels are in their proper position. Merely keeping the steering wheel does not ensure that the wheels are straight too. If you think you might get stuck soon or there is a movement you need to do, steer slowly. Always keep your thumbs inside the steering wheel.

    Avoid stopping in deep ruts or avoid them if you can. If there are ruts everywhere on the surface, see that you are at the highest point. Ignoring this could make your off-road tyres stuck in the ground or even sink if the surface is muddy.

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