Getting preschoolers active with physical play is a key for building their balance, coordination, motor control and overall health. This article covers 12 best physical games for preschoolers, which are perfectly suited for improving the healthy development of about 3-5 year olds kids. These interactive and movement games strongly emphasize physical engagement, which certainly help preschoolers improve their gross motor skills and intelligence while having fun.

    #1. Move Like an Animal

    One of the most popular preschool pe ideas called for animal movements. It is an acting game that requires kids to imitate different animal actions like bear walking, kangaroo hopping or bunny jumping. Take turns naming and acting out animals for a silly activity that improves coordination. See who can crawl like a turtle the slowest or flap their wings like a bird the fastest.

    Awesome icebreaker for physical classroom activities 

    #2. Freeze Dance Party

    Kids love music and rhythms. Why don’t you try Free Dance Party where all preschoolers can play upbeat kid-friendly music and let kids dance freely to the beat. Stop the music periodically and they must freeze on the spot. This works on following directions and response inhibition. Make it sillier by having them strike a pose in their frozen state. 

    #3. Hula Hoop Challenges

    Hula hooping is great for building hand-eye coordination. This preschool pe games aims to find who can hula hoop for the longest time or have contests to pass the hula hoop around a circle without anyone dropping it. Want more fun? Create thrilling team challenges with multiple hoops.

    Physical games for preschoolers – Image: glcap

    #4. Indoor Obstacle Courses

    Indoor pe games for preschoolers like Obstacle courses are also great ideas. It is easy to set up a simple obstacle course inside using furniture, pillows, boxes etc. Give preschoolers a place to crawl under, climb over, navigate around, balance on one foot, or jump over the obstacles. Don’t forget to tailor the course to their developing motor abilities.

    #5. Parachute Games

    Other ideas for physical games for preschoolers? A colorful kids parachute can be a great game for a large group. Shake the parachute up and down, run underneath it while others lift it overhead, or sit on top and get bounced around. Parachute games like this definitely promotes teamwork and 

    #6. Shadow Tag

    If you are finding physical games for preschoolers that require them to quickly react and run, Shadow Tag is a perfect fit. One child is designated as “It” and tries to step on the other kids’ shadows to tag them. The other kids run, dodge and jump to avoid getting their shadow stepped on. A creative twist on classic tag that keeps them on the move.

    Excellent physical games for preschoolers – Image: iStock

    #7. DIY Bowling

    Are you looking for creative physical games for preschoolers? Consider DIY Bowling. The game follows when empty boxes or water bottles are stacked to act as bowling pins. Every player takes turns to roll or throw a ball to knock them down. Remember to keep score to see who can knock down the most pins. A fun game like that is super helpful for building hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

    #8. Limbo Low

    Fun gym games for preschoolers like Limbo Low can surprise you the most.  What you have to prepare is a broomstick, pool noodle and jump rope to play limbo. Take turns going underneath the pole or rope arching backwards. Lower the limbo stick after each successful round. Ready to see how low they can go? Everyday Limbo helps to completely build flexibility, balance and coordination. 

    #9. Ball Toss Challenges

    Preschool pe games activities like Ball Toss Challenges can be a fantastic game for improving kids social interaction and physical health. Have kids stand or sit in a circle and toss a ball to each other in sequence. When they have the pattern down, add in more balls to juggle multiple at once. 

    #10. Animal Yoga Poses

    Are preschoolers suitable for practicing yoga? The answer is yes, Using simple and playful yoga poses that mimic animals can make it enjoyable for them. You will be surprised how simple yoga poses like cat, cow, frog, lion and butterfly bring a range of benefits to a kid’s flexibility, balance, and body awareness. 

    Simple yoga poses for preschoolers – Image: Freepik

    #11. Spoon and Egg Races

    Have you heard of Spoon and Egg races? This excellent pe game can spark the fun among kids in picnics, family gatherings and classroom activities. The game describes the involvement of participants balancing an “egg” (often a lightweight object like a cotton ball, ping pong ball, or pom pom) on a spoon held in their mouths as they race to a finish line. The goal is to complete the race without dropping the “egg” from the spoon.

    #12. Duck, Duck, Goose

    What are the physical games for preschoolers? The most popular preschool games like Duck, Duck, Goose can be a wonderful choice to encourage kids to engage in physical activity while having fun. In this classic game, children sit in a circle. One child walks around the outside of the circle, tapping others on the head and saying “duck.” Eventually, they say “goose,” and the tapped child must chase the first child around the circle before being tagged.

    Key takeaways

    What is the most important for preschoolers’ growth? Physical and mental improvement are equally crucial. The journey of growth doesn’t stop at physical development alone. The minds of preschoolers are like sponges, absorbing information and experiences at an astonishing rate. 

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