Outfitting a newborn can be costly, and buying items that aren’t essential is easy. This guide will help you focus on the must-haves.

    Look for stretchy jumpsuits or rompers that fasten at the front, as these are easier to put on and take off. Avoid clothes with ties, drawstrings, or attachments that pose choking and strangulation risks.

    Tops and T-shirts

    Newborns require a lot of outfits. You’ll receive a few companies for your newborn in shower gifts and at the hospital, but you’ll also need to stock up. To ensure you don’t overspend or purchase items your baby won’t wear, it’s helpful to have a list of what they will need.

    For the first couple of months, you’ll need rib singlets and bodysuits (also known as onesies) in extended and short-sleeve options to layer with t-shirts. These garments are convenient for changing your baby and can keep them covered when they squirm around.

    You’ll also want some soft cotton cardigans in plain and dressy styles for a little variety, especially for outings with babies. These will complement any outfit and be especially useful during the summer. You may also want a few pairs of leggings and pants for your baby in a stretchy material that will expand as they grow.


    Rompers are one-piece clothing popular with babies and young children as they are comfortable outfits that look like pajamas, daywear, or nightwear. They have sleeves or legs and can be closed with zips, buttons, or snap fasteners.

    Romper bodysuits are perfect for fidgety newborn babies and infants who cannot stand up or toddlers on the go who need comfortable playtime clothes. These onesie-like outfits allow for easy nappy changes as they feature a snap or popper opening between the legs, meaning that there are no loose pieces to get in the way.

    The romper style is also great for photo shoots, birthday parties, and special occasions. Dress your baby in a leopard print romper by reputable shops such as Janie and Jack for a stand-out outfit that captures those magical moments. Try this tie-dye romper from Mini Rodini with arrow-designed embroidery for a unique and fun piece. Made of GOTS organic cotton for the softest touch on your baby’s skin and free of harmful chemicals, these sustainable rompers will keep your little one comfy.


    Sweatpants are the ultimate lounging-at-home garment. They are designed to be leisurewear, so they prioritize comfort over utility and durability. Manufacturers often use a thin cotton fabric that could be more warm and durable. They’re easy to care for and typically can be washed in a standard machine cycle, though you may want to read the care instructions carefully, as some fabrics require gentle or delicate processes.

    While they’re ideal for lazy days at home, you can wear them with tiny sneakers when heading out. The best sweatpants have a casual, minimalist look that’s stylish without trying too hard. They should pair well with slim-fit T-shirts or light polo tops. Stick to neutral colors for the most versatility, but add a bright color or patterned piece for a splash of flair. Avoid pairing sweats with baggy shirts, which can make them look disheveled. Consider pairing them with a slim-fit jacket for an on-trend look.


    Having the right outerwear is essential when it comes to cold weather. These pieces protect your little one from the elements and are usually thicker than other types of clothing to ensure warmth. They can also be insulated to provide extra protection from wind and rain.

    Consider this waterproof and fleece-lined raincoat for chilly fall days that don’t warrant a winter coat. It even changes color when wet! For snowy adventures, try a warm and cozy bunting or full snowsuit. These sherpa ones are fluffy and durable, while this faux fur-lined one is an investment-worthy option.

    You’ll also want to have a pair of boots and mittens on hand. These thumbless mittens make them easier to get onto tiny hands and help prevent the pain of fitting your baby’s fingers into a regular pair of mittens. The boots have Velcro straps to keep them secure and soft lining to help keep tiny feet cozy.


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