Being lonely is a normal feeling. You can be with your family or friends, but still, the loneliness might creep in and disturb you.  Though this is normal, you should not underestimate this. Some studies consider this to be dangerous and can even be affecting your health and overall well-being.

    First of all, it is necessary to draw a clear line of distinction between feeling lonely and wanting to be alone. Loneliness is a condition that can harm mental health while craving to be alone has unexpected benefits. Considering that feeling lonely can even happen when you are in the middle of a  crowd, it is becoming important to know what kind of activities you can do, to get out of the slump and get rid of loneliness. 

    What Activities You Can Do to Get Rid of loneliness?

    For those of you who occasionally feel lonely here are some great activities options you can do to get rid of loneliness effectively.

    1. Calling loved ones

    Try setting up a time to call your closest person to ease up your loneliness regularly. Bring up light topics for a starter, or you can talk deeper about the feelings which you’re dealing with. Opening up about your feelings by sharing with loved ones regularly can do wonders for your mental health.

    2. Meet-up with loved ones

    Not only communicating regularly with loved ones, it can also be great if you physically meet up with them. Sometimes, loneliness can be a momentum to be in touch with people you’ve once been close to in the past.  Especially after a long loss of contact, it’s time to get rid of loneliness by hosting a small reunion. From there, surely by itself, it will be filled with remembering sweet or nostalgic memories which have a positive impact on mental health.  

    3. Join a new club

    You can also try to join a new club or group activities group. The group types can depend on your interests. There are so many groups that are ready to accept you as a member with open arms. Interestingly, when you start to become an active member of the club, many agendas need to be followed.  This can divert feelings of loneliness and fill your time with more productive activities 

    4. Read books

    There is nothing more powerful testosterone cost to fill lonely times than reading books. You can just drown in the various fantasies that were written in the story. Reading can help you feel more connected with other things instead of being drowned in your loneliness. 

    If you’ve been used to reading fiction novels, there’s nothing wrong with trying to switch to non-fiction. There is a great selection of books from the self-help category that can open your eyes to the world. This also applies to listening to audiobooks. Any method you choose, as long as it can take your mind into a whole new world – then it will work.

    5. Learn new things

    Not only as a way to hone brain health, learning new things such as languages ​​or other skills can make your mood much better. This kind of activity is also an opportunity to meet and get acquainted with new people. At the same time, you can develop new skills which may be able to benefit you in the future.

    6. Explore hobbies

    Hobbies can indeed take up time and make you forget anything, including feeling lonely. Pursuing a hobby can make you feel alive. So, there is less space to think about being lonely or replaying negative things in your mind. If you don’t have a hobby, then you can try to prioritize finding them. Try it by experimenting with any different activities and who knows, you might find something that will become your new hobby!

    7. Help others

    Doing good like helping others can be a natural mood booster. Try to do good to feel connected to society by helping people who need a lending hand in any shape.  It doesn’t have to be in the form of a monetary donation, because energy and time are equally valuable. For example, for the latter, you can join a volunteering position that needs help.

    8. Engage in self-care activities

    There is a time when you might feel like you are lonely, but you don’t have people who are readily there for you. Or in some cases, you might feel lonely but at the same time not want to meet other people. If this happens to you, you can try to engage yourself in self-care activities. 

    One of the best self-care that you can do is shopping for things that you need or have been wanting for a while. Once in a while, it is okay to delight yourself in this kind of activity, because this can help to boost your dopamine level and make you forget about any loneliness that you might feel. 

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    Some of the alternatives above can be great choices of activities you can do to get rid of loneliness. But before doing any activities that we mention above, don’t forget to validate your feelings first. It is very okay to feel lonely sometimes. Understand that it is very natural for every individual to feel lonely. This does not mean you are a coward or weak.  It’s very human when you feel lonely.  Only when you have succeeded in validating your emotions, then the intensity of that loneliness can be reduced. The brain can process what you are feeling and try to find alternatives to overcome it.


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